Executive Committee    
As of January 1,  2019

The Executive Committee is made up of the Chair, Treasurer and Adminstration Coordinator (this position which is automatically filled by Past Chair). 

Executive Committee positions are to be filled by elections, if necessary.  Elections will be held for these positions for 6-month terms beginning each January 1st and July 1st.

Current Executive Committee:

Tim Kelly                                                John Exler CFP            Peter Wiesner CPA, CA
Chair                                                       Past Chair                   Treasurer                               

Volunteer Positions
As of January 1, 2019

Membership/Referral Coordinator   Marketing Advertising Coordinator    Special Events Coordinators
Mike Buchinski                                       Peter Wiesner CPA, CA                        John Exler, CFP  and Kyle Cassidy

289.231.6694                                          905-898-3355                                          john.exler@rbc.com and
mbuchinski@rogers.com                        peter@taxhome.net                                        kcassidy@cassidyyoung.com

Speaker Coordinator                        Raffle/Fund Raising Coordinator            Website Administrator   
Tim Kelly                                             Henry Startek                                              Peter Wiesner CPA, CA tim.kelly@sunlife.com                         cassidy@bellnet.ca                                     admin@ybex.ca
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