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(ybex.ca) ybex.ca, business club, business to business, Newmarket, Aurora, Holland Landing, Mount Albert, The York Business Exchange, (York Region, Ontario) known as YBE ybex.ca, business to business, referral group, professional development, professional referrals, referral group, marketing group, b2b, business to business, Newmarket, Newmarket Ontario, Aurora, Aurora Ontaro, Holland Landing, Holland Landing Ontario Building relationships in business in greater Newmarket, Ontario area of Canada. Gaining friendships, knowledge, and also receiving support to grow your business. The York Business Exchange provides all of this, in a friendly atmosphere at a local restaurant. We are a growing group of business minded individuals in the York Region area of Ontario, Canada. We work together at promoting our businesses and developing contacts by a continuous use of referrals. Members are expected to maintain a strong commitment to each other and the organization and uphold high ethical standards in all they do. Members are expected to promote each other's business through referrals and the distribution of business cards and information. www.ybex.ca business networking, business to business, local Newmarket, Newmarket business group, York Region business, local business, business advisors, business club, businees Newmarket, Ontario Newmarket, York Region Accounting, tax, investments, life insurance, car insurance, photographer, advertising, cards, computer repair, computer sales, florist, flowers, mortgage agent, mortgages arranged, business club, business to business, business group. A Member of VICommunity, Powered by www.vicommunity.com QCTI - QC Technologies Inc.